Saving Burlesque

Performers and fans join together to try to stop legislation that will could potentially halt shows.


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The Art of Pin-ups

Philip Borg has studied the classic pin up artists for years and ihopes to redefine the genre.

Twin & Tonic: Talk Burlesque

The band takes over the streets of London with a live performance and also discuss the importance of burlesque at their performances.

Burlesque Protest March

The burlesque community set out to Camden Town Hall to eduate those council on their art form that had been deemed adult entertainment.


Chap Olympiad VI

The annual sporting event celebrates British eccentricity and the athletically inept.

Cucumber sandwich tossing and umbrella jousting are just some of the challenges chaps take on, fully equipped with a gin & tonic at hand.

Hosted by The Chap magazine, the event was held at Bedford Square where not even the rain could deter the crowd of immaculately dressed spectators from cheering on the competitors.

Sport was not judged on athletic ability or physical prowess but rather competitors prided themselves in their abilities to woo the crowd with grandiose displays of charisma.



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