Saving Burlesque

Performers and fans join together to try to stop legislation that could potentially halt shows.


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The Art of Pin-ups

Philip Borg has studied the classic pin-up artists for years and he hopes to redefine the genre.

Twin & Tonic: Talk Burlesque

The band takes over the streets of London with a live performance and also discusses the importance of burlesque at their shows.

Chap Olympiad Vi

Cucumber sandwich tossing and umbrella jousting are just some of the challenges chaps take on, fully equipped with a gin & tonic at hand.


Real Women Fashion-Fraubraun Launch Party

New online vintage store features a collection everyday women can model

Fraubraun's online collection launched this summer and it features a mix of vintage pieces personally selected by owner Stefanie Braun.

Inspired by the style and grace she saw in her grandmother's old photogaphs, the vintage collection features items that date back to the 1930s. All the clothes are also modelled by 'real' women who take their own photographs with a cable release.

Braun hopes to take this modelling concept further by hosting one-off selling events in London and Germany where the customers will be allowed to try on clothes and click their own pictures for the website.



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